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Pomegranate Swirl Dark Chocolate


5 mins


20 mins


55 mins



Ingredients for the dark chocolate base:
•	230 g Anthony’s Goods Organic Cocoa Butter Chunks 	
•	118 g Anthony’s Goods Organic Cocoa Powder
•	5 tbsp maple syrup
•	1 tsp vanilla extract

Ingredients for the pomegranate swirl:
•	40 g Anthony’s Goods Organic Cocoa Butter Chunks 
•	40 g Anthony’s Goods Whole Milk Powder
•	20 g powdered sugar
•	2 tbsp Anthony’s Goods Pomegranate Juice Powder
•	½ tbsp Anthony’s Goods Beet Juice Powder 	
•	½ tbsp coconut oil


Pomegranate and beet juice powders combine their fruity, earthy flavors and pretty pink hues to this swirly dark chocolate bark. This recipe makes a big batch that’s perfect for sharing (but if you want to eat it all, just store leftovers in the fridge). 

1. To make the dark chocolate base: First, weigh out all your ingredients and set them aside. Then, add a few inches of water to a saucepan and bring to a boil. Place a large heat-proof bowl on top (make sure the bottom of the bowl does not touch the water directly) and fill it with the cocoa butter chunks. Stir until the chunks melt.

2. Add the cocoa powder and stir until combined. Lower the heat and add the maple syrup and vanilla extract. Stir until just combined then remove the bowl from the heat and set aside. 

3. To make the pomegranate swirl: Weigh out all your ingredients and set them aside. Place another large bowl on top of the saucepan. Add the cocoa butter and stir until it has melted, then stir in the whole milk powder until combined. Then, stir in the powdered sugar. Add the coconut oil and pomegranate and beet juice powders. Stir until the mixture is smooth. Set aside. 

4. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and spread the dark chocolate evenly on top of it. Using a spoon, steadily pour the pomegranate chocolate in horizontal lines across the dark chocolate. Use the same spoon to swirl the pink chocolate into the dark chocolate, diagonally across the tray. Then repeat diagonally from the opposite corner. Do not repeat again as the swirl pattern will get messy. 

5. Freeze until set, about 30 minutes. Break into chunks before serving. 



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