Surat, Gujarat
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Our Story


Call us crazy, but we were tired of seeing brick-and-mortar stores carry itsy bitsy quantities of specialty foods - making an everyday healthy lifestyle unsustainable. So we set out to change that. And we have. 

There is a unifying thread running through Anthony’s Goods, and everyone who buys our products: We want JUST the good stuff... and lots of it! No bragging. No drama. No magical feats performed by legendary potato flours. 

We keep things simple by delivering high quality organic and natural foods at a great price, and in enviable quantities.  

About us image
About us image


Today we boast hundreds of products carefully sourced from farmers across the world. Our lineup of organic and natural foods is growing, and we have you to thank for that. Seriously. To us, your opinion is the law. 

We operate like a small but mighty family, and we believe that injecting every day with humor and camaraderie is what makes the journey fun. Thanks for becoming a part of ours and for sharing jokes along the way with us.  


The trust of our community fuels us. We stay very close to the source. To be your emissaries out in the field, we’ve taken multiple trips to the farms where our ginger is grown and have given notes as we watched the picking of coconuts. We know each of our ingredient suppliers personally - and we’ve got the selfies to prove it.