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How Natural Cane Sugar Is Made

How Natural Cane Sugar Is Made

Natural Cane Sugar

For many years, natural cane sugar has been a great alternative for sugar. Because sugar has been frowned upon by health experts and nutritionists, many have turned to cane sugar for their baking and cooking needs. But what is natural cane sugar?

Natural cane sugar is a different type of sugar that is made from harvesting the sugarcane plant. Although it is still a type of sugar, natural cane sugar differs in many different ways. Natural cane sugar has a slightly different color and flavor profile, as opposed to normal, everyday sugar. In today’s blog post, we’ll be taking a closer look at how natural cane sugar is made and how it differs compared to everyday sugar.

How is natural cane sugar made?

Natural cane sugar is made from sugarcane, a tropical plant that thrives in sunlight and demands large amounts of water. The sugarcane plant typically takes a year to fully mature before it can be harvested. However, this can depend on various climates and locations. Once matured, this plant is harvested by its stems, while the roots are saved for future plant cycles. The sugarcane plant can continue to grow, so long as the roots remain intact.

After being harvested, the sugar cane plant is sent to factories in order to create cane juice. The plant is flattened under large rollers, which squeezes out all of the natural cane sugar juice used to form the sugar. This juice must then be filtered through evaporation in order to be purified. By evaporating the juice, the syrup becomes clear of dirt, soil, and other impurities.

Next, the purified cane sugar syrup is boiled to form sugar crystals. The sugar crystals harden and form into large mountains. These sugar crystals are then stored and refined as needed before being shipped to their final destinations. Leftover sugar is turned into molasses, as stated by Sucrose.

What makes natural cane sugar so unique from normal everyday sugar?

Natural cane sugar is still a sugar. However, it differs from everyday sugar in terms of appearance and flavor profiles. While normal sugar has a white color, natural cane sugar has a darker color that varies from light brown to yellow. It also has a deeper and slightly sweeter taste, as opposed to normal sugar. The sugar crystals add a different texture and causes natural cane sugar to taste differently. According to SmartyPants Vitamins, natural cane sugar also contains a variety of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that normal sugars lack.

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Organic Cane Sugar

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