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The 5 Almond Flour Recipes You Must Try

The 5 Almond Flour Recipes You Must Try

Chances are, almond flour isn’t at the top of your grocery list. In fact, most people probably haven’t even heard of almond flour before, but they might be able to guess what it is! Almond flour is simply a type of flour that’s made from ground almonds. Just like it’s normal flour counterpart, almond flour is primarily used in baking delicious treats like cookies or cakes.

Almond flour is a good alternative to more common flour goods not only because it is gluten-free, but it also contains all the health benefits from the almonds used to make it. These health benefits include a high amount of protein, fiber, and monounsaturated fats.

Don’t worry, this is the good kind of fat.

It also contains a substantially lower amount of carbs than regular wheat flour. Almond meal is also a great alternative as well, but know that almond meal is generally coarser than its flour counterpart and will typically still contain the skins.

For all the health nuts and risk takers eager to try something new with their baking, try out these recipes that replace regular white wheat flour with almond flour.

1. Almond Flour Muffins

almond flour muffins

Muffins are a great go-to food for someone always in a rush who doesn’t have time to sit down and eat. Almond flour muffins are a great healthy, and gluten-free option for anyone with a hectic day ahead of them. This recipe incorporates all of the health benefits from the almond flour and allows you to add any other fruits or nuts to the mix. For a perfectly healthy muffin, these simple almond flour muffins are the way to go.

2. Chocolate Chip Cookies

chocolate chip cookies

No article on baking recipes would be complete with a chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Most chocolate chip cookie recipes follow a similar format and while this one may not fall too far from the tree, it doesn’t go to say that these cookies aren’t delicious.

Of course, almond flour is going to be the one of the biggest changes in this recipe, but after taking a bite, our own chocolate chip cookie recipe will certainly be a cut above the rest.

3. Strawberry Almond Flour Cake

strawberry almond flour cake

Much like cookies, a baking article has to have a good recipe for cake. This recipe is sure to satisfy.

The sweetness from the strawberries works wonders with the almond flour, even if it’s not technically baked in.

Regardless, this strawberry almond flour cake is to die for!

4. Almond Flour Cupcakes

almond flour cupcakes

Just because something is gluten-free doesn’t mean that it won’t taste as great, and these almond flour cupcakes are sure to prove anyone wrong.

Its simplicity makes this recipe almost too good to be true, but don’t worry, that’s not the case.

Go ahead and give it a whirl, but don’t be surprised if the entire batch is gone!

5. Almond Flour Brownies

almond flour brownies

Regardless of what flour is in them, brownies will always be amazing. But to be on the safe side, this almond flour brownie recipe is certainly sure to make anyone’s mouth water.

Almond flour is becoming a great gluten-free alternative for anyone on a gluten-free diet. For even more recipes on using almond flour, Anthony’s Goods provides not only a great almond flour product, but also great recipes to go along with it!